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Guest Blogger-Tim Syrianos, Broker of Record, RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc.

Posted on August 26, 2009 by Ben Sage in advice for realtors, remax a-b realty, remax norwich, remax stratford, remax woodstock

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Your Other Number #1 Client

There are thousands of courses and coaching material available on how to put a deal together and or how to deal with clients. However, there seems to be a real need for training material on how to, as I term it, deal with “your other #1 client” the agent.

I’m writing this because I just recently received a call from one of our agents that explained how difficult another agent was to work with. The agent was rude, abrasive and insulting. Definitely an experience not easily forgotten. It’s simply amazing how a busy market can inflate ones ego. It’s so disappointing that people skills seem to disappear when the misconception of success sets in. The truth is that most times this is the type of behavior that causes a client to lose out on their dream home. The same ones that you’re hired to protect and defend. Sellers and buyers don’t realize just how important it is to deal with an agent that has a great reputation in the industry, that is hard working, has integrity and easy to work with. By being co-operative and checking your ego at the door, its amazing just how much smoother negotiations go and how many things can be accomplished in your favour.

In my 20 plus years in real estate, I spent it building relationships not just with clients. I continuously put a great deal of emphasis on relationships with my fellow agents as well. These are the relationships that assist your client to sometimes get the deal over another in multiple offer scenarios. It’s when the tables are turned that these relationships come into play and your reputation gives you the edge. When someone is rude, simply smile and explain that you’re only doing what you can to get the deal done. If the market ever slows (remember the fall of 2008), you can call on your fellow Realtors to show your home listings. They will continue to co-operate with you and look forward to deal with you again and again. Its a win, win win. Your clients win, in the eyes of the other agent, they win and you win.

Tim Syrianos

RE/MAX Ultimate Realty Inc., Brokerage


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