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5 Reasons you NEED your own agent when Buying a home!

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Ben Sage in Advice, Buyer, Woodstock Ontario Buyers Agent, Woodstock Ontario Real Estate

In the past (and certainly still today) buyers would shop for real estate on their own.  Alone, in the big bad world of Real Estate. Just them vs. sellers, or worse, them vs. dozens of highly trained professional negotiators, with previous loyalty devoted to the clients whom they are representing.  The SELLERS.

In today’s modern Real Estate world, many buyers are choosing to have their own Realtor, their own ALLY, with undivided loyalty, assist them with finding, negotiating, and closing on a new home.

Many questions will continue to come up about this system, and I do my best to answer them, but for now, here are 5 good reasons that you NEED your own agent to buy a home:

1. Loyalty – as mentioned above, an agent marketing a home has already established a client relationship, thereby loyalty, to their seller.  With a buyer agent you are certain of who is representing your best interests.

2. Ease – coordinating multiple showings with different agents and private sellers can be a nightmare even for a highly skilled Real Estate agent. Is that something that you really want to do in between all of the other tasks you are required to do on a daily basis?

3. Top of Mind Search – most Buyers agents have the technology to supply buyers with listing information ahead of public sites such as mls or realtor.ca. Additionally, a good buyers agent will have access to a variety of “pocket listings” or homes that are available but not listed.  In a hot market, having a top notch Buyers Agent can make the difference between getting the home you want, and settling on “good enough.”

4. Knowledge of the Area – Whether you are from your target area, or relocating, the Buyer’s Agent you select should have a good working knowledge of the area, such as schools, crime rates, unusual tax levies, or specific stigmas surrounding homes or neighbourhoods. You wouldn’t want your biggest investment devalued because you weren’t aware of a large negative impact before buying, would you?

5. Access to top notch Tradespeople – An experience buyers agent will have a contact list full of applicable trades, from home inspectors, to mortgage lenders, to painters, carpet cleaners, plumbers, roofers, general tradespeople, etc. Word of mouth is an excellent referral source, and only the best trades receive recommendations from professional Buyers agents.


Bonus: When you work with us, we help you find not just homes listed on the MLS, but ALL homes for sale. This may include private sales, recent expired sales, out of board listings, brokerage exclusive listings, and pre-market opportunities! 




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