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Rent-To-Own can be a viable option for first time buyers and Investors!

Posted on October 29, 2012 by Ben Sage in Buyer, First Time Buyer, Rent-To-Own, Woodstock Ontario Buyers Agent

Here’s an article that was just published in The Star from one of my favourite lawyers (never thought I’d say those two words together!!!), Mark Weisleder.


This article just gives a really quick breakdown of Rent-To-Own – how it works, and pro’s and cons for buyers and Landlords/Sellers.

Many sellers aren’t really interested in this option because they typically need the house to sell so that they can buy a new one.  If you, as a buyer, are looking to buy something that is owned by an investor, however, they would likely see the value in Rent To Own…  IF they want to sell the property, that is.

So long story short, Rent-To-Own is not the worst option for a buyer, but if you decide not to buy, you can lose a lot of money (your downpayment). The best bet if you want to buy is to be disciplined and try to save the downpayment on your own.  Whether that’s possible with your budget or not, is something that only you and you family can determine.


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