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Why Not Woodstock? Issue 2 – Sakura House

Posted on January 31, 2013 by Ben Sage in Why not Woodstock?

In today’s issue of Why Not Woodstock I examine another compelling reason why my clients choose Woodstock as their home.  Woodstock is a great place to settle down, raise a family, and have a great life.


Today’s Issue is about our Residential Hospice, Sakura House




Sakura house was formerly the Dunford estate, purchased by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Co, extensively renovated, and opened to the public in 2009.  It is Woodstock’s only Residential hospice, and is run by VON oxford.  Their excellent staff provide 24 hour a day palliative care in a unique environment, and specialize in providing comfortable and dignified end of life care at no cost to families.

Nursing care is funded by OHIP, and most of the day to day costs associated with running the facility are covered by donations provided by corporate sponsors and the overwhelming generosity of the community at large.

There are several fundraisers held annually that benefit VON Sakura House, but the most recent is the Handbags for Hospice event.  In 2013, this event raised over $75,000 for the facility, which raises their three year total to $178,000.  This represents a meaningful contribution to their required annual fundraising amount of $400,000.

Handbags for Hospice 2013 Video

For information on the facility, and it’s continuing fundraising efforts, “like” them on facebook, at www.facebook.com/VONSakuraHouse

As an aside, I’d like to share my personal thanks to everyone on the staff and the volunteers at Sakura House for being EXCELLENT at the service that they provide.  As a 33 year old person, it was admittedly hard for me to imagine how this facility could change my life, until I found myself in desperate need of its services.  Many of you know that I have a very close loved one who is benefiting from the end-of-life care that Sakura House provides.  This facility has given my immediate family the ability to spend time with Dad.  Quality time, in a relaxed, quiet setting.  A setting in which we know he is getting the best care possible, his comfort is priority, and we are now free to visit with him without the added stress of worrying about his care.  Even the dog can visit.  How cool is that??

We as a community are EXTREMELY fortunate to have this facility at our service, and this is yet another reason that I am proud to call Woodstock my home.




  1. Lynn Saundercock Peck on said:

    Sakura House is very near and dear to my heart! My brother was their 1st House Guest on Sept. 1, 2009. I can’t say enough about the Staff, Volunteers and the services Sakura House provides.
    Woodstock must be proud to have them in the Community!

  2. marilyn schaus on said:

    Sakura House is the most amazing place, the staff is so compassionate to the families and the person that is dying . I get too see what happens when families aren’t there and there is so much love from everyone including the doctors. I am so proud to be part of Sakura House family I have patients say that Sakura house is like heaven on earth for them and they are always so thankful for the care it brings tears too my eyes , it makes me realize why I go there !!!

  3. Catherine Mignella on said:

    I am so thankful for Sakura house. My brother’s pain and care was getting out of control at home and his family were becoming worn out and no longer able to cope with the complexity of care. The call from Sakura House came just in time and as soon as my brother was admitted, the nurses got his pain under control. My brother was dying of cancer and only had a very short time left. While he was still able to be up and walking he went with his family and they put his name in several hospices but Sakura House was the one they really hoped he would get into. It is absolutely immaculately pristine as far as cleanliness. When you walk in it’s like you are walking into a very large mansion but the atmosphere is so peaceful and home like. The peacefulness of Sakura House is tangible. The nursing care put me at ease right away. It was so apparent that these nurses knew their job and knew it very well. All of the staff were so kind and helpful. What a blessing that my brother was able to get into Sakura House. I can’t give it enough praise! Woodstock is very very blessed to have it. My brother passed away peacefully in his sleep on February 6 ….just last month. Thank you Sakura House for helping my brother peacefully pass on to heaven.

  4. Yvonne Eaton on said:

    Sekura house was a God-send when my brother-in-law was dying of cancer. The care there is the absolute BEST. They treat the patients and the patient`s families with such respect and care. It made a horrific time bearable. Woodstock is blesssed to have such a wonderful place to send your loved ones for their last days here on earth. I just can`t say enough good things about it. It is beautiful, peaceful and spiritual. I wish we had such a place in Cambridge.

  5. ruth carter on said:

    Ben, thanks so much for your kind words. We love your Dad and he is so grateful for his family to have given him the opportunity to be there where he is being cared for. A wonderfuful patient.
    He enjoys your visits and so do the volunteers. May it be a precious time for you and your family.

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