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Why Craigowan Golf and Country Club is part of my life

Posted on May 7, 2013 by Ben Sage in Golf

I have entertained a love-hate relationship with the game of golf since my dad introduced me to the game at about the age of 10.  I’ve never been exceptional at the game, but one thing is for sure, the time spent out doors, with family,  old friends or new ones, has produced some of the best memories I have.  If you haven’t ever played golf, I highly suggest you give it a shot.  


I was fortunate enough to have my dad introduce me to the game at Oxford Golf and Country Club at Craigowan, the subject of today’s post.  As a junior, this facility provided a great place to spend the long hot days in the summer.  My fees to join as a junior were very manageable, and being surrounded by the membership and staff at the golf course instilled the concept of success in me from the first time I visited.  I began friendships at the age of 10, that I still have today.

Throughout the 24 years that have passed since that time, I have joined in one way or another, every year since.  Even years when I lived in London or Toronto, I still maintained my “social membership” at the private club, in order to be able to enjoy the club when I visited Woodstock, or to re-join when I eventually moved back, which happened in 2007.  I worked at the facility starting when I was 12 years old, washing clubs, parking golf carts, and picking up range balls.  I did that off and on for several years, and eventually moved into the maintenance department, where I cut grass, changed holes, raked bunkers, etc.  This job got me through the college summers, and even into my first year as a professional realtor.  I wouldn’t change my association with this facility for anything in the world.  It has been the host facility for my own wedding, as well as several of the weddings of my closest friends, as well as the venue where I said my final goodbye’s to many friends, and even my own father.  The course, the building, the staff, the experience of being a part of Craigowan is what you get when you join this exceptional private facility.

The golf course itself is a great layout, in exceptional condition, and was ranked 77th out of the top courses in Ontario.  The designer, Robbie Robinson, designed many amazing golf courses in North America, and Craigowan is no exception.


 “I love how big the greens are here. That’s why I love this golf course. It never gets old. When you have big greens and big tees a golf course can always play different. It can test everyone from the casual golfer to the best amateurs. That’s a good golf course.”

-Robbie Robinson, Course Designer


Take a tour of craigowan, hole by hole, here.

So, if you live in or around Woodstock, enjoy golf, and think you and your family might benefit from the sense of community I have enjoyed for nearly a quarter century, I would highly recommend that you give Craigowan a look.  I would be more than happy to go for a round with you, show you the course, tell you what I’ve seen change over the years at Craigowan, and pitch you in person on the benefits of membership.  If you are legitimately interested in what Craigowan has to offer, please drop me a line and let’s chat!



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