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The Silent Killer Returns this time of year… And NO, this is not about Halloween.

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Ben Sage in Home Inspector, Oxford County, Woodstock, Woodstock News

Scary stories, ghosts, ghouls, things that go “bump” in the night….  That’s all the talk these days, and for most of us, it’s harmless fun.

Unfortunately there lurks a silent killer in the basements of many of our homes.  A killer who is just waiting to pounce.  When you least expect it, this killer will unleash his suffocating tendrils around you and the ones you love, and if you are not protected, you will lose.

Because, for whatever reason the Provincial Government has had problems passing Mr Ernie Hardeman’s project, the Hawkins-Gignac Act  (Complete history of the Act HERE), it is now time to circulate a reminder that all homes with fossil fuel burning appliances (Hot Water Tanks, On-Demand Hot Water Heaters, Natural Gas Boilers, Natural Gas forced air furnaces, Natural gas stoves, even Propane and NG barbecues, and many more) should have multiple functioning carbon monoxide detectors.


Carbon Monoxide is EXTREMELY dangerous.  It is silent, odourless, and invisible gas that is present after incomplete combustion.  It kills you by blocking cells in your body that normally uptake oxygen.  This essentially causes you to suffocate, even though your breathing may be completely normal.  If you happen to be asleep, there is no way that your body will notify you of the poisoning that is happening, and you will simply slip away. 

So, to adequately protect yourself and your family, please remember:

  • Have your Fuel Burning Appliances serviced regularly (Annually)
  • Install CO detectors on every level in your home, especially around sleeping areas
  • Follow manufacturers instructions for placement of CO detectors
  • If alarm sounds, replace the battery.  If it continues to sound, call 911.
  • Watch for symptoms of CO poisoning
  • Do not warm your car up in the garage – even with the door open
  • Always check your furnace, dryer, stove vents (outside) after a large snowstorm, and be sure snow removal efforts do not unintentionally block the vents.
  • Use Gas BBQ’s only outside and away from open doors or windows.

Take the time, invest the small amount of money, and protect yourself and your family from this dangerous silent killer.



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