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6 Reasons You Should Stage Your House.

Posted on December 5, 2013 by Ben Sage in Selling, Staging

At some points in my career, for some insane reason, I have not included staging as part of my listing services system.  At some points, I have tried to offer sellers tips of my own, in order to help them prepare their homes for sale.

In 2013, I went back to offering a home staging consultation with TOP NOTCH staging consultants to virtually every selling client that I worked with.

The following are six benefits that those clients received, as a result of committing to thoroughly preparing their homes, and themselves, to sell:

They Get Offers Faster

  • Seller clients who fully committed to staging their homes spent an average of 14 FEWER days on the market than those who chose not to embrace staging their homes prior to sale.*

They are Better Prepared for Showings

  • The act of staging a home for sale involves not only placement of the furniture to properly identify the functionality and maximize appeal of spaces within the home, it also involves packing away and minimizing unnecessary items throughout the house. Many sellers chose to rent additional storage for the short period of time that they will be on the market.  By doing this, they are able clear out basement and garage storage areas, as well as unused items from cupboards and closets.  Because they suddenly have ample storage space, the act of performing a quick tidy is much easier when they get a short-notice showing request.
  • Additionally, sellers have found that once they have established a “baseline” for how the home should look for showings, it is much easier to reach that level repeatedly, on demand.   Some even utilize highly detailed checklists to ensure the property is in optimum showing condition.
  • The professional stagers I supply for my selling clients give them excellent tools for how to prepare their home, and prepare for showings.

They are Mentally Ready to Sell

  • Homeowners who chose to invest their time and energy into preparing and staging their home, have the additional benefit of being mentally prepared to sell.  The act of taking their personal items down, and packing them away, as well as decluttering the home, can help them to feel like they are already “partially moved out.”
  • This feeling, this “first step” to moving on, removes a small amount of the personal apprehension that occasionally surrounds offer negotiations.  It minimizes that gut wrenching feeling that “this is suddenly real.”  Because sellers are partially free from that feeling, offers can be negotiated from a position of strength as sellers are then free to negotiate based on facts, rather than feelings.

Their Move is Easier

  • Wouldn’t it be easier to make a move if half of your belongings were already packed into boxes?  What if they were already in a convenient, ground level, storage facility on closing day?  Moving day becomes way easier when your movers can simply go to the storage place and pick up half of your stuff!
  • Or, if you’re not quite ready for all that extra stuff yet, keep your storage unit for another month and move things slowly, at your own pace.

They Sell for More Money

  • Back to some stats for a minute.  Of the sellers I worked with this year, those who chose to fully invest in staging their homes were able to achieve prices that were 1.43% HIGHER than sellers who chose not to fully invest in staging their homes prior to sale.*
  • At an average transaction price of $235,091, sellers who fully staged were able to keep $3,361 MORE in their own pockets.*

Thank you for reading.  For more information about home staging, or to find out how staging could benefit you, please contact me directly, using the form here. 

They Have Control

  • From a position of control is the best way to enter any negotiation.  Therefore, my entire listing plan revolves around the concept of “Putting Sellers in the Drivers Seat.”  Those sellers who fully commit to staging their homes have a product that stands out in the marketplace.  Because of their preparation, they know that they usually get offers faster, and get more for their homes.  They are giving themselves all the necessary tools to take the position of power during offer negotiations.

*Statistics based on sales results in 2013.


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