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9 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

Posted on December 10, 2013 by Ben Sage in Buyer, Moving, Selling

Moving day is SO exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful.  No amount of preparation can eliminate the possibility of something going wrong, but here are some tips that I have prepared as a result of helping hundreds of families with their moves (not physically moving, but you know what I mean!)

Pack Your Stuff Early

  • That’s right, get your packing started early (ideally during your staging procedure). Being fully packed prior to closing day will make the last-minute details seem minor.

Have a Plan

  • Knowing where each box and item of furniture is headed in your new home is a huge time and stress saver, so it’s wise to properly label boxes.  Don’t label the TOP of the BOX!! 
  • Having a clear idea of where furniture is to be unloaded will save you time, and therefore money.  Why would you want to pay movers to stand there holding a dresser, waiting for you to tell them where to put it?

Closing Day Kit

  • Keep a single box, or bag, of essentials that you will NEED at the new place.  Cleaning supplies, garbage bags, light bulbs, toilet paper, swiss army knife, change of clothes, your personal hygiene items, etc.
  • Don’t forget to have an inventory of contacts you may need, Ex. Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, Moving Company, Utilities, etc.

Hire Professional Movers

  • You might think it’s expensive, but the reality is, but movers are insured against damages, and can complete the job WAY faster than you and your buddies with a pickup truck.  There are many options for movers in our area, so contact me for my recommendations of the best priced movers in our area.

Use a Storage Unit

  • If you were my seller client, you probably staged your home, right? If so, you probably put half (or more!) of your stuff into a storage unit.  It’s really easy for your movers to pop by the storage unit to pick up your stuff.
  • You will spend less time at your OLD place because you will be only packing up the essential stuff, like beds, couches, kitchen tables, your clothes and urgent toiletries etc.  The movers grab that stuff and go to your storage unit, while you head over to your new place, unlock, and wait patiently for the movers to arrive with all of your stuff!

Don’t Expect the Keys, or Vacancy Early

  • If you are selling as well as buying, and closing both homes on the same day, you could be part of a large chain of closings.  Although if everything runs extra-smoothly, you may get your keys and find your new home vacant early in the day (late morning or early afternoon), but it is foolish to EXPECT this.  There are any number of problems that can arise on closing day, and being prepared to finally get keys or vacant possession of your new home later in the afternoon, is a wise move.

Moving into/out of a Condominium or Apartment Building?

  • Research the Condo / apartment rules on elevator exclusive usage.  Some buildings restrict days and hours that an elevator can be booked for a move.  Avoid costly delays with movers, and have a good plan as to what time of day you require the elevator.

Don’t Try to do Too Much

  • Although it is tempting to have non-essential services come to set up on the day of closing (Internet, Cable, Telephone), their wide appointment windows, combined with last minute delays resulting from the logistics of moving, could cause missed appointments, and therefore money!
  • Schedule your service installation appointments for the day after close, at the earliest!

Treat your Crew

  • Try to remember that everyone (paid or otherwise) is there to help.  Moving day is stressful.  Give them a reward of pizza or chinese food.  Keep a cooler around, with lots of water, pop, and beer for the post-move reward (if your crew can be trusted!)



REMEMBER TO CANCEL YOUR SERVICES at your old home.  Unpaid gas/hydro bills can be extremely problematic.  The last thing you need is to pay for gas or hydro services at your previous residence.  Ensure utilities are informed of the day that you no longer possess the property.

Good luck.  Try to have fun!  It’s chaos, but, remember the reasons you decided to make a move, and cling to those!



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