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More Good news for Property Investors in Woodstock!

Posted on June 23, 2014 by Ben Sage in Uncategorized

The Spring 2014 edition of the CMHC Rental Market Statistics has been released, and it is

rentshowing that the Woodstock Rental MarketContinues to show strength in favour of landlords over the past six months.  This results in more upward pressure on rental rates.  Investors buying multi unit properties have been quick to purchase, giving further strength to the demand for Real Estate investment property, and putting pressure on rental prices and availability.

The last time I posted about the spring rental vacancy rate, (CMHC releases two annual rental reports, one spring report and one fall report), the Vacancy rate in Woodstock for apartments of 3 units or more was a mere 1.8%.  It has now dropped yet again to 1.6%, continuing it’s three year downward trend.  (Spring 2012 2.3%, Spring 2013 1.8%, Spring 2014 1.6%).

These  numbers are showing a consistent downward trend.  The message here is that if you are an investor with properties you have owned and held for a period of time, there might not be a better time to unload them, if you’d wish to “Cash out” of your real estate investments.  Interest rates are low, vacancy rates are low, and values have been steadily climbing for 18-24 months now.  Get out while the getting’s good!!

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For the full CMHC report, please click here.


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