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Ben Sage, Moving Woodstock

Guide to Woodstock Gastronomy

Posted on August 4, 2014 by Ben Sage in Oxford County, Woodstock

Pasta PrimaveraIf you know me personally, you know that I love to eat.  Like, REALLY love to eat.  I’m not scared of trying new foods, and I’m known to demolish large servings of local takeout from some of the best and worst quality restaurants in the area, depending on my mood.

In fact, a client and myself were recently lamenting the closing of the local Taco Bell restaurant – she is a “Fries Supreme” aficionado, while my taste buds crave the gooey goodness of a Chili Cheese Burrito… MMM.  The closing of T-Bell brought back awful memories of when they closed Harvey’s, and Burger king, and when they stopped serving burgers and fries at the local DQ….  (Both Harvey’s and BK Lounge have now re-opened in Woodstock, so there’s hope yet that I may one day be able to run for the border without leaving my town!)

I hope to address some of my favourite current restaurants in Woodstock in this post.

My tastes have somewhat matured since my highschool fast-food days, and I am pleased to tell you that Woodstock now has a variety of awesome restaurants, for delicious sit-down or takeout options.

Six Thirty Nine – The premiere Casual Fine Dining restaurant in Woodstock.  This restaurant offers amazing, fresh, seasonally inspired dishes, and chef Eric has been called “the most talented chef in SW Ontario”  .  Highly recommended for dinner with close friends, or date night as a couple.

Oxford Kitchen – Woodstock’s newest fine dining establishment.  I’ve yet to visit this restaurant (in the former Bronson’s Steakhouse building), but many of my peers swear by this place!  Worth a try, based on their reviews!

Banana Leaf – Extremely high quality Thai food, for sit down or takeout options.  I have dined here so many times that the wait staff and owners actually know not just MY order, but can usually make a pretty good guess as to what my family will order too.  Definitely recommend if you are experienced with, or new to, Thai food!

Chiba Sushi – Sushi lovers rejoice!  All you can eat, reasonably quality sushi!  Delicious and plentiful.  Dining atmosphere is a bit less private than you might wish for, but the food quality makes up for it.  Good for bigger gatherings.

Osaka Sushi – My preferred Woodstock sushi restaurant (they are both awesome), but only because they have a dish called Pepper Beef, which is essentially fried beef with garlic and a hint of pepper sauce.  Not sure why, but I just can’t get enough of that!  All you can eat.  Not a “fine dining” experience, but good quality nonetheless.

Amazing – Quality Chinese Food.  Lunch Buffet, Evening sit-down or takeout options.  Currently a quality chinese food restaurant in woodstock.  I’m not one to rave about chicken balls, but the chicken balls from Amazing are actually chunks of large, juicy white meat, not just huge balls of breading.  Definitely recommend this restaurant!

Marks Chop Suey – The other quality Chinese food restaurant in Woodstock.  The dining room remains un-updated in several years, but you can’t argue with the quality of the food.  One of the best chinese restaurants around.

Taste of China – Located on the main strip, and conveniently right next to my RE/MAX office, I frequent this chinese restaurant the most often.  One thing that sets this restaurant apart from the other chinese restaurants in woodstock is the abundance of fresh, properly cooked vegetables in their dishes.  The food isn’t too greasy, and they really know how to prepare it properly.  Highly recommend for dine in or take out.

Rose’s Tree of Life – Authentic Jamaican/Carribean food, including Roti, Curried Goat, and Jerk Pork / Chicken.  Not really suited for dining in, but definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a quick, and high quality takeout dinner.

Tandoori Knight – Yes, that’s right, Tandoori in Woodstock.  Well, at least that’s what the sign on the street says.  Right before “coming soon.”  I reserve judgement, but I am really looking forward to the opening of this restaurant!

That’s all for now – in the future I hope to review some of the pizza joints in town.  Do you have a favourite Woodstock restaurant that I haven’t mentioned?  Comment to the blog so I can check it out!


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