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Is your house one of 45 properties you can ONLY see by riding the RE/MAX balloon?

Posted on October 9, 2014 by Ben Sage in Selling


Most people are pretty smart. Some can read maps. Some can use apps to get directions to a place. Some can even drive to specific places without even looking at a map, or an app, or stopping at a gas station to ask for directions….

When buyers are out and about looking for homes to potentially buy, these days they are likely holding a mobile device. iPhone, iPad, Samsung galaxy, blackberry, etc. “Cutting edge” location based services can detect where they are located, and show them all of the homes for sale within the area, and even give them directions right to the doorstep! Cool right?

So lets just suppose that some Buyers are in their car, in their target neighbourhood, searching for a house to buy, and are JUST around the corner from your house, which happens to be for sale, in their price range, and obviously right in their ideal location. Seems like a no-brainer that they would find your house on their mobile device, right?

Not so fast.

Did your agent do their homework? Have they doublechecked your map address on the listing database? Do they use a time-tested system to ensure ALL the listing details are correct? If not, your home may not show up on the mobile device, and you may have just lost those buyers to the listing up the street. GASP!

I’ve seen it happen. More often than you might think. For instance, are you aware that there are currently 44 properties currently listed for sale that appear to be approximately 350 KM north of Flin Flon Manitoba?

Is your agent aware?


If your agent isn’t on the ball with all aspects of your marketing, especially those aspects that literally GUIDE buyers directly to your home, maybe it’s time to revisit your agent.

Otherwise, hope your Buyers and their agent have their balloon pilot’s license!

Call me today and I will explain this, and many other aspects of what a professional marketing plan looks like. I will show you the checklist that I use to ensure all listing details are correct, to provide a smooth transaction.



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