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October 2015 Real Estate Market Stats Report

Posted on October 1, 2015 by Ben Sage in Real Estate, Woodstock Ontario Real Estate

I know I know. It’s been too long since I updated the public on the real estate market.  Sorry!  I say that a lot —- side effect of being busy explaining the marketplace to my clients, I guess!

Things have cooled off a bit since I last posted, but June’s post reported on a WHITE HOT real estate market in Woodstock.  Things have settled a bit, but lack of inventory and consistent or increasing demand is still fueling a busy real estate market.  We have been in a sellers market for ages, but buyers keep coming out to purchase homes!  So if you have something to sell, now is a great time to capitalize on that investment.

Here is the breakdown of sales by price range:

September 2015 Stats (As of End of month of September 2015
Sale Price Sales Active SOLD PCT Conditions
Under $100,000 1 1 100% Heavily Favouring the Seller
$100,000-$150,000 3 14 21% Slightly favouring the Seller
$150,000-$200,000 10 17 59% Heavily Favouring the Seller
$200,000-$250,000 12 22 55% Heavily Favouring the Seller
$250,000-$300,000 10 27 37% Slightly favouring the Seller
$300,000-$350,000 3 33 9% Slightly Favouring the Buyer
$350,000-$400,000 6 35 17% Balanced
$400,000-$450,000 3 19 16% Balanced
$450,000-$500,000 2 12 17% Balanced
$500,000+ 3 8 38% Slightly favouring the Seller
53 188 28%


In terms of big-picture numbers, here’s how September 2015 stacked up:

The number of properties sold in September of 2015 was up 11% from September 2014.

The number of properties actively for sale at the END of September was DOWN 26.2% from September 2014.

Board wide, sellers are getting 97% of their asking prices – According to my notes, my clients over the past 12 months have gotten 98% of their asking prices.

The average sale price is up 8.7% to $280,967in Woodstock in September 2015.

Please contact me to discuss relevant interpretation of these statistics – what they mean to you as a home owner or potential buyer.


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