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Ben Sage, Moving Woodstock

Why we still recommend staging, even in a Seller’s Market.

Posted on September 8, 2016 by Ben Sage in Selling, Staging, Woodstock Ontario Real Estate



This is a guest post, by our team stager, Kelly Oliver, of Oliver Design & Associates. Visit her on Facebook!

Mornings are getting a little cooler and the days a little shorter, kids are back to school and that all means September is here.

September has always felt like a second January, a new beginning and with the fall season comes another busy time in this crazy real estate market we are currently experiencing.

As a designer and home stager I often get asked “why stage when homes are selling so quickly?”  The simple answer is staging creates more traffic, beautiful photos and differentiates your home from your competitors (every other house on the market).

Having a move in ready home, means you give potential buyers no reason to negotiate your price and you just may get more if you invest in readying your home for sale.  Staged properties can increase the number of offers and selling price in hot markets, like the one we are currently in.  Today’s savvy buyers are watching every HGTV show out there and are expecting their next home to be move in ready.  Staging helps define rooms and focal points, it creates flow and space, it updates tired looking rooms and gives them new purpose.  The average staged home spends 23 days on the market and 90% of homes that are staged first spend less time on the market.

For every dollar a home owner does not spend on preparing their home for sale, buyers will offer five dollars less, to put this into perspective we encouraged a home owner to replace very worn carpeting in the living room, dining room and hallway, this replacement cost would have been $2,000.00, the home owners chose not to spend these additional dollars and eventually had two offers, both buyers offered $10,000.00 less than asking and cited that the carpeting needed replacing, had the owners changed out the carpeting originally buyers would not have had reason to negotiate on price.  This scenario left $8,000.00 on the table because buyers inflated what the replacement cost actually was.

Staging is essentially merchandising your home and when looking to sell your home here are some tips to get you started and help showcase your home so that it is appealing to the masses:

·         Consider painting – neutral colours are the best for selling, however adding colour with accessories, artwork and fabrics is important to add interest and dimension.

·         Pack up about 50% of the items in your closets – this not only starts the packing process so there is less to do later, but it also gives the illusion of plenty of storage space – an important feature to most home buyers.

·         Repair any leaky faucets, squeaky doors, broken or missing tiles, clean carpets or replace if necessary, this gives your would be buyers the feeling that the house has been well cared for and they are more likely to offer you more than if they feel that there is much work to be done.

·         Remove excess furniture – ensure that there are adequate pathways for walking into and out of a room.

·         Make your master bedroom look like a retreat.

·         Minimize what is on your countertops in bathrooms and kitchen

·         Remove household appliances that are not used on a daily basis.

·         Make sure beds are all crisply made., lots of pillows creates a cozy feel.

·         Hide dirty laundry and pace all hygiene items under sinks

·         Consider adding new fluffy white towels to all bathrooms

·         Clear sink of all dirty dishes.

·         Remove all personal photos, diplomas, trophies, awards from view; depersonalizing your space is imperative to help buyers envision themselves in the space.

·         Ensure that all toys etc. are put away especially for showings and pictures.

·         Clear clutter off front porch and ensure gardens are manicured, grass is watered and cut.

·         Consider hiring a professional stager to look at things objectively, they have the experience, resources and expertise to ensure your home shows its true potential and attract the demographic that your agent is going after.  Ask for references, ensure they are part of the RESA (Real Estate Staging Association)

First impressions are made within the first 10 seconds; ensure that the impression your home leaves is a positive and memorable one.

All Woodstockhomes.com clients are offered a staging consultation. This helps our clients achieve their goals – normally selling for the most money, with the least interruption to their lives, and terms favourable to them.

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