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How to Select Representation

There are four key factors in selecting the right Sales Representative to represent you.


This aspect is often overlooked, but is perhaps the most important guidline for selecting your Sales Representative.  You will be spending a great deal of time in close quarters with your Real Estate Sales Representative, and it is important that you have a matching personality type.  A good fit is a Sales Representative who is non-combative, attentive to your requests, and is able to communicate in language you understand.


Occasionally delivering the truth can be difficult.  One of my personal covenants to you is to be honest in every aspect of our relationship.  Not only is honesty goverened by the  Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Practice, but it is also the cornerstone of a successful, long-lasting career as a small business owner.  Mortgaging my future by compromising my integrity is not in my business plan!


Knowledge of the local laws, typical (and not-so-typical) conditions, and of course the housing market is essential in providing proper advice to any buyer.  As a full time Real Estate Sales Representative, I am constantly advising Buyers and Sellers regarding local custom, studying the terms of various offers and agreements, and of course updating my knowledge of the local housing market, by touring dozens of homes in any given week.  Your transaction will go as smoothly as possible under my helpful guidance.


As a dedicated, full-time Real Estate Sales Representative, I am continuously improving my skill set with comprehensive training, ongoing education and of course, am a member in good standing of organized Real Estate.  Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that my Team of Experts are happy to offer support and assistance in their chosen areas of profession.