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Meet the WoodstockHomes team


About Ben:

Ben has enjoyed an excellent career selling Real Estate since 2007.

Ben’s seller clients can expect informative, honest, and thorough service, and will benefit from high-level marketing. He uses industry leading staging consultants, high quality professional photography, video tours, and an internet driven marketing campaign on his listed properties to ensure that my clients receive full value for their properties, in a timely fashion.

Ben’s goal is to feature his client’s homes in a way they can be proud of, and to put his sellers in the drivers seat during subsequent negotiations.

Ben’s Cell # is 519-532-1295

About Janice:

Janice has been involved in the Real Estate industry since 2007.

Her previous experience included a successful stint as a Sales Representative, as part of a four-member Real Estate Sales Team. She has also worked reception and administration at two successful and busy Real Estate Offices. Janice has returned to a selling role as of 2016.

Janice’s Cell # is 519-209-2678

Here’s what Janice’s Clients have to say about her! 

About the WoodstockHomes team philosophy:

We provide our clients with unique consultation based real estate experiences from initial contact to closing and beyond. We interpret relevant Real Estate Market Data to enhance understanding for the benefit of our clients. Our commitment to exceptional standards in all facets of our business gives our educated home buyers and sellers the competitive edge in a dynamic and confusing marketplace. We employ industry-leading team members and consistently leverage the latest technology in order to provide vastly superior real estate experiences. We are the modern and competitive option for real estate services in Woodstock Ontario and surrounding communities.

We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible.

We will be genuinely interested in the needs and feelings of our clients.

We will treat every person we meet in the course of business and our lives with the respect that they deserve.

We will proactively contact our clients as often as they are expecting.

We will be consistent and employ systems in our approach to every aspect of the business.

We will never wing it.

We will be compassionate, yet honest with our clients, even if it means hurting their feelings.

We will work on workdays and not on holidays.

We will always answer our phone if possible.

We will invest in our communities.

We are always learning and expanding knowledge in every aspect of our business, including technology, scripting, coaching clients, market trends, statistics, marketing, legal and administrative changes, etc.

We will always be ahead of the curve with any new developments within the business.

We admit that we don’t know everything but have no fear of accessing our team of experts to help in any situation.

We will dress for success.

We expect top-quality work from every member of our organization.

We will encourage balance in the lives of every member of our organization.

We will enjoy what we do. Life is too short to work with those who don’t appreciate how we can help.

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